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Important Information for New ARC Clients

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As each pet's needs are unique, it is necessary to perform an initial evaluation on every pet before beginning any rehabilitation program. The consultation includes a thorough physical evaluation of your pet. It includes measurements, gait/lameness analysis, and an in-depth discussion with you to understand your pet’s history. To help your dog maximize his or her quality of life and get back to their normal routine, it is important for us to understand what your goals and expectations are for your pet.

After the evaluation is complete, our certified staff will develop a customized rehabilitation program that will meet the medical and life goals and expectations of you and your pet. Consultations last approximately one hour.

Prior to arriving at the consultation, we ask that you complete the New Client Information form. If you are having trouble submitting this form online, please contact us. We'd be happy to email you a hard copy.

In order to for us to evaluate your pet completely, please bring any diagnostic tests that your veterinarian has performed with you to the consultation. These may include X-rays, surgical reports, ultrasound or MRI reports, and so on. You may also have this information sent to us directly from your veterinarian via fax at (248) 363-3756 or email at

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