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Our Rehab Services for Dogs

rehabilitation services

Whether your pet has just had surgery, is suffering from an age-related illness such as osteoarthritis, or is an agility or working dog looking to build core strength, the Animal Rehabilitation Center of Michigan has many treatment options to fit your pet’s needs. Our highly trained rehabilitation staff utilizes a multi-faceted approach to help your pet get back to a living a healthy, happy, pain-free life!

Our services include:

  • Arthritis management—Arthritis can slow down your aging pet. Call us to learn how we can create a custom rehabilitation plan to help get your dog moving again.
  • Hydrotherapy—In our underwater treadmill, the buoyancy of the water helps alleviate pressure on your pet’s joints, while the 85–90 degree water helps improve circulation.
  • Electrical stimulation—Pads placed on the outside of the body deliver electric pulses to the muscles, helping to decrease pain and increase muscle mass and range of motion.
  • Shockwave therapy—Shockwave therapy is conducted outside of the body and uses pressure waves to stimulate healing at a cellular level while reducing inflammation.
  • Therapeutic ultrasound—Our technicians use this machine to penetrate affected tissues and promote healing at a cellular level using sound waves.
  • Class IV deep tissue laser therapy—Laser therapy is an effective modality that is proven to reduce pain and inflammation. It uses a guided beam of light to penetrate tissues and “fuel-inject” cells to promote healing.
  • rehabilitation servicesTherapeutic massage—Therapeutic massage helps increase circulation, reduce pain and muscle spasms, and increase mobility.
  • Heat and cryotherapy—Heat and cryotherapy (ice) are supplemental therapies that help to increase circulation, reduce pain, and reduce inflammation.
  • Carts, braces, and mobility aids—Our certified staff can measure your pet for custom-made wheeled carts, create casts for custom-made braces, measure your pet for ToeGrips, and much more.
  • Therapeutic exercises—Therapeutic exercises help to improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion in targeted muscles and/or muscle groups.
  • Weight management—Excess weight creates many problems for our canine companions, such as arthritis, diabetes and heart and respiratory issues. Most of these problems can be either reversed or minimized once the dog’s weight is normalized. We can custom-create a rehabilitation plan to help your pet lose weight and get back to a more active lifestyle.

If you have any questions about the services listed above, or would like to have a rehabilitation plan custom-created for your pet, please call us at (248) 363-5061(248) 363-5061.

rehabilitation services

rehabilitation services

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